Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lake Taco

How would you like to get a taco while getting your car washed?  You can do that at Lake Taco where there is a car wash next door.  Here are pictures:

Get your car washed while enjoying a taco next door!
Lake Taco (Polynesian decor)
Great view amid outdoor dining
However, my favorite place to eat so far is:

Trips's Burgers.  If you're from Southern California, you'll know what In-N-Out Burger is.  Well, Trip's is just like that!  I was so happy to discover this place.  It's in a shopping center (Centro Laguna) that I love -- all outdoors.  

Trip's Burgers

This outdoor mall is considered to be one of the best shopping centers on the banks of Chapala.  

In addition to the food court, the mall is anchored with a cinema (6 theaters) and a casino.  It also has retail stores and other eating establishments.

Stores include:

  • Telcel Service Center (cell phones)
  • Steren (electronics)
  • Martí Outlet
  • Chevrolet Centuria
  • O'Rourke Real Estate Investments
  • Lloyd Real Estate
  • A T & T
  • Fusion Art Gallery
  • Christine's Hair Salon
  • Frau Spa
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Move
  • Dormimundo (mattresses)
  • CI Bank
  • HSBC

Dining options are:
  • Black Coffee Gallery
  • Wing's Army
  • Subway
  • Trip's Burgers
  • Scandinavia Bakery
  • Bravo Bake Shop
  • Yue Lai
  • Zhen Si Chicken
  • Pizzeria Romeo and Juliet
  • Gambinelli Gelatos
  • Taqueria los Tarascos
  • Gourmet House
  • Okuma Sushi

Friday, April 21, 2017

Our First 30 Days

We arrived in our new home exactly one month ago tonight.  Our landlords greeted us with freshly-made banana bread, groceries, and a bottle of red wine.  It was a wonderful welcome for these weary travelers.  We were so glad to finally arrive, with all of our 12 suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

My landlady was explaining how everything works and they gave us their phone numbers, if we needed anything else.  How great is that!

However, we arrived with the flu and couldn't take it all in right away.  And I couldn't eat anything for several days.  When they found out we were sick, they delivered soup, soda crackers, and medicine to us the very next day.

Luckily it was only a 72 hour flu and once we felt better, we started to work unpacking and getting things done.

What We've Accomplished So Far

  • Opened a bank account.
  • Rented a car for 2 months.  (We can buy one once we get our permanent residency I.D. card)
Cute little Chevy Spark
  • Went shopping, near and far 
    • Near:  Walmart, Super Lake, Soriana's, Dollar Store
    • Far:     Costco, Office Depot, Mega
  • Joined the Raquet Club
  • Got a cell phone
  • Went to the Mexican consulate and started the residency process
  • Joined the Lake Chapala Society
  • Went to two events at the Raquet Club (potluck, happy hour) and met a lot of our neighbors
  • Found our new doctor (Dr. Santiago Hernandez at Chapala Med) and had new-patient doctor appt.
  • Found our new church, and went there for the first time on Easter Sunday.
So, enough with the boring stuff.  Here's some pictures that I have taken so far.

These are pictures from our patio:

Sunset, looking toward the lake

Blue sky

Looking toward the Raquet Club

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lake Chapala -- Here We Come!

If all goes well, we'll be at our new home in Lake Chapala at the Raquet Club in San Juan Cosala within 3 short weeks.  We have a lot to do before that happens though.  We have just sold our car, and we have a buyer for our furniture.

Here are pictures of the community where we'll be living -- the Raquet Club.  Please note that these are not my photos, but they are the photos on the Facebook page of the Raquet Club.

View from cell tower above the Raquet Club

Schedule for the Raquet Club Facilities and Classes
Office: Mon-Sat from 9am-5pm & Sunday from 9am - 3pm
Pool 9:00 am - 8:00pm
Water Aerobics from 9:00 - 10:15 am on Tues, Thurs & Sat
Club House & Activities Below 8:00 am - 8:00pm
Dog Park/Walking Trail
Pickle Ball
Fitness Gym
Ping Pong
Hatha Yoga on Mondays at 4pm in the Club House

It's a beautiful day for taking the dogs to the dog park/walking trail.

Great lifestyle here at the Raquet Club

A beautiful day for playing tennis, walking the dogs in the dog park, or just lounging around the pool. Peaceful home and lovely friends in the Raquet Club.

I never knew retirement could be this good.....

Nice Sunday for a swim in the lovely Raquet Club pool. Good company...good time.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Our New Home in Lake Chapala

We will be moving from Cuenca, Ecuador to Lake Chapala, Mexico in 2017!

Below are pictures of the home that we will be renting in the village of San Juan Cosala in the Raquet Club.  We plan on taking residency sometime in March, 2017.

Outdoor Patio

View of the lake

Outdoor Kitchen
Dining Room



Living Room w/gas fireplace

Social Bath

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom w/gas fireplace

Sitting Room off Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom
View from Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Office / Third Bedroom
And here is the link to The Raquet Club, of which we will be members:

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Visit to Lake Chapala, Mexico (Part 3 of 3)

During the month that we spent in the Lake Chapala area, we went to Guadalajara two times.  The first time was with our group from Focus on Mexico (the seminar we attended in November, 2016).  We went to several places, one of them being an upscale open-air shopping district called Tlaquepaque.

Tlaquepaque is one of those places that shoppers dream of. This Guadalajara suburb is a “must-see” on any vacationers agenda. The main shopping area has been closed off to traffic so that you can stroll and shop at a leisurely pace. Specialty shops are everywhere you look. Over three hundred quaint shops will make your shopping experience a real pleasure. This seemingly small town offers some great bargains and an incredible variety of items in just about anything in the way of quality handmade goods, from fine crystal to furniture, and almost everything in between.

Plan on at least one full day for your visit to Tlaquepaque. Take your time and explore the shops that really interest you. Make time to enjoy a fabulous lunch at one of the sidewalk or patio cafes (we had a delicious lunch at the Casa Fuerte restaurant -- I highly recommend it!).  A few of the shops have their own restaurants so that if you are so inclined, you may shop during your meal.

We also visited the town of Tonalá.  A few minutes from Tlaquepaque and a bit smaller, Tonalá offers another shopping experience that you are sure to remember fondly. Tonalá is a village of craftsmen, it is where many of the artists make and sell their goods. Tonalá is not as glitzy as Tlaquepaque, this is more a city of factories than stores but most are open and willing to sell to the public. Much of the ceramics, pottery and some of the finest dinnerware sold all over México, is made by the estimated six thousand artisans living in Tonalá.

We went to the main plaza in Tonalá where we toured the gallery of the famous ceramist, Candelario Medrano.

Our second trip to Guadalajara was to Costco, Home Depot, and a store called Mega.  This was a bus trip with the Lake Chapala Society, which is the way to do it if you are not familiar with the area.